Dr. Puneet Dhawan

A Certified B.A.M.S With over 7+ years of experience Renowned Ayurveda practitioner in India Won many National and International awards

Dr. Puneet Dhawan

Dr. Puneet Dhawan, Ayurvedic Nephrologist

Dr. Puneet Dhawan

Dr. Puneet Dhawan is an established personality in the field of medical science today. His specialization and proficiency in Ayurvedic medications and in treating all kidney-related ailments with his authentic Ayurvedic treatment are widely recognized in the past decade. A decade ago, he laid the foundation of 'Karma Ayurveda' his Ayurvedic kidney care institution. He started his journey as an independent practitioner with manpower of mere two and with a capital of an amount he earned in his one year of medical practice experience.

With his extensive knowledge of Ayurvedic science, thousands of kidney and liver-related disease patients are benefited in India and across borders. In the count of one of the most rapidly rising kidney center in the medical field, Karma Ayurveda is substantially growing. Based in New Delhi, his institution is a station for a staff of 150 members.

Dr. Puneet Dhawan has developed innumerable simple and effective ways to treat kidney-related problems and cure them of the roots. Following natural and organic ways of treating the patients, he believes 'Ayurveda' has the potential to cure kidney disease and all other kidney-related problems.

According to him, Ayurveda has answers for all the questions related to life science and living a life following the traditions of Ayurveda, improves not only health but enhance your overall personality. Keeping a regular and a careful look at the medical advancements and new improvements in the kidney failure treatment, Dr. Puneet Dhawan is greatly respected by the patients globally (domestic and international), in representing the most effective Ayurvedic treatments plans. His treatment in the past has overthrown the pinnacle of western science and beclouded dialysis and transplantation like surgical procedures used in kidney treatment.

Dr. Puneet Dhawan

Karma Ayurveda is one of the renowned kidney health care units based out in Delhi. Led by Dr Puneet Dhawan, Karma Ayurveda has liberated thousands of patients suffering from some sort of kidney problem. Dr Puneet Dhawan wants to bring the therapeutically effects of Ayurveda into the everyday while eliminating dialysis. He is the fifth generation of his family who aims to spread a kidney treatment without dialysis or transplant. The herbal medicines are prominently used to facilitate urine flow and prevent fluid retention in the body so that complications can be removed permanently. If you want to heal your kidney naturally with ayurvedic treatment, then consult Dr Puneet Dhawan, a renowned kidney specialist in Delhi.

Dr. Puneet Dhawan & Karma Ayurveda Hospital

With a large count of cured patients, Dr. Dhawan's authentic Ayurvedic treatment has been acknowledged worldwide. Karma Ayurveda Hospital, headed by him, has become India's leading kidney care institution. He provides his patients with natural herbs that help them to heal their kidneys. A team of dieticians allocates them a best-schemed diet according to their state. Healthy lifestyle modifications like yoga, are integrals of his treatment.

Unlike allopathic treatment, his Ayurvedic kidney treatment is more stressed on the healing of the patient's body and mind and gives more importance to the patient's diet and lifestyle. That is why he has successfully defeated all kidney-related disorders with his unique regimen.


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